Thursday, September 10, 2015

SkyView Anomaly

This morning I went flying for a short hop around the valley.  I took off from U42 and did a touch and go.  I then headed south and then east flying over South Jordan and then north over Sandy.  I flew up to SLC and then turned south and flew along the foothills to Draper.  I flew over Corner Canyon into the Alpine area.  I then turned west and flew south of the Micron site and then turned north at the Point of the Mountain and at the bend of Bangerter I headed west towards Herriman and then north to land at U42.
When I was about 5 miles from the airport a strange thing happened to the SkyView screen.  On the PFD portion of the screen there was a narrow band of synthetic vision with the top and bottom of the PFD display blacked out.  It stayed that way all of the way to the ground.  The data remained visible but the synthetic vision was virtually gone.  After landing and taxying to the hangar I called Dynon.  They asked me to send them some photos of what I was seeing.  
I sent these photos to Dynon.  The first photo shows the PFD, EMS and MAP all displayed.  The next 2-photos show that when the PFD and EMS is displayed the synthetic vision is not correct.  Also, when the PFD is displayed alone the synthetic vision is correct.  Dynon’s response was, The issue you reported (black background on your PFD) is apparently a known issue that is being investigated by our engineering team. Hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming firmware release.”  I have asked Dynon if this means I should not fly until a fix has been provided or if it is OK to fly with the SkyView as is.  I am still waiting for an answer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Today I finished the installation of the auto pilot control module.  I drilled and countersunk the holes for the nutplates then cut out the panel with my Dremmel tool.  I had to file the opening slightly to get the module to fit in the opening.  I installed the nutplates using some flush pulled rivets.  
I installed the module and powered up the system.  I had to have SkyView find and then configure the SV-KNOB-PANEL.  After the set up was complete I turned on the SkyView system and it was there.  I was able to set the altitude and heading bugs as well as adjust the Barro.  I closed the hangar doors and checked to make sure the backlighting is working.  It is and now the unit is ready to go flying.
After installing the new placards I decided to try out the panel.  I got the airplane out and did a pre-flight.  I got in, started the engine and went up for a quick flight.  I did a couple of touch-and-goes then headed south to Herriman.  I flew over Herriman then headed north.  The wind at the time was reported 150o at 18kts with gusts to 22kts so it was a little bumpy flying over the foothills west of the airport.  I flew up to Magna then noticed a big dust cloud east of Antelope Island.  I decided to head back to U42 in case it was heading south.  While flying over Harriman and then north to Magna I turned on the autopilot.  All of the functions work perfectly.  It is nice to be able to adjust the barometer, altitude and track/heading without selecting these functions first on the SkyView menu.  
All in all this is a really nice feature and I am glad I installed the panel.

Friday, August 28, 2015


I decided to install the knob panel for the SkyView.  I purchased the panel from Dynon.  Of course I didn’t stop to think it would require a harness to hook it into the system.  After the device arrived I realized what happened so I ordered the harness.   It is due to arrive this afternoon.  In the mean time I have removed the upper fuselage skin, radio and the large information placard from the instrument panel.  
I also used some blue tape to outline the location of the new control panel.   I removed the SL40 radio and the information placard above the radio.  I will redo the placard so it is not so wide.  I am also going to reduce the height of the 'final check list' located above the corner of the D1000 panel.  It is partially covered by the canopy bar when the canopy is closed.
I also ordered some MK2000-6 nutplates from Aircraft Spruce.  
I taped some plastic on the instrument panel and inside of the cockpit to keep the aluminum shavings from drilling and cutting from getting into everything.  I will use the small vacuum to help keep the debris under control.  After the nutplates arrive I will determine if the layout on the template is the correct spacing for the nutplate holes.  At that point I can start drilling and cutting the panel.  I will drill the panel first for the nutplate and mounting fasteners.  I will then use my Dremel tool to cut out the opening for the control panel. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flight to Kanab, UT

Today I flew to Kanab with my granddaughter, Taylor, as my copilot.  We had a really fun trip.  We left SVR at 9:00 am and flew to Kanab arriving at 11:30 am.  It was a fairly smooth ride.  We hit a little bit of turbulence over the mountains south of Panguitch, but otherwise a pretty nice ride.  When we got to Kanab we checked in with Jeff Turner, the airport manager and borrowed the courtesy car and drove over to hour house in the Kanab Creek Ranchos.   Our house is located almost directly west of the north end of runway 19.  You have to do a little wondering around to get there.  Because there are only 2-places to cross over Kanab Creek there is not a direct route.  We went to the house and then Taylor drove us to Subway for lunch.  After lunch Taylor drove us around town and then we went back to the airport.  We took off for home at 1:00 pm.  The wind was 190o at 13.  We took off on runway 19 then circled the Ranches gaining altitude.  After reaching 7500’ we headed north.  Because of the wind and thermal activity it turned out to be a pretty bumpy ride all the way up to the Salt Lake valley.  We arrived at SVR at 3:30 pm.  It was a fun day, and because Taylor had her cell phone and I had a MP3 player she was able to listen to music almost the entire trip down and back.  She was a happy flyer. 
These are photos of the airplane parked at the Kanab airport, a photo looking west towards the Ranches and a picture of the terminal at the airport.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hangar Visit

On March 11th I had several young men (Varsity and Venture Scouts) and their leaders come to the hangar for a visit.  Actually, several of these young men saw the airplane during the time it was located in my garage.  Since it is now finished and flying they thought it would be fun to come out and see it in its new home.  
They spent about an hour looking around the hanger, the airplane, sitting in the airplane and asking questions.  The leaders also participated and all seemed to have a good time.  Below are some pictures taken by Ivo Stutznegger, a good friend and one of the leaders of these young men.
We took off the upper cowling so they could see the engine.
Some of them wanted to sit in the cockpit.
I think everyone had a good time.  Maybe there are some future pilots in the group.